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Non-Ugly Philosophers

Aesthetically Pleasing

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You must fill (at least) two criteria to be considered for membership in nonuglyphilosophers.

[1] You must demonstrate an interest in philosophy at the bare minimum. This means that you should demonstrate competence in that field of philosophy which you purport to be interested in.

[2] You must be non-ugly. This (often, and admittedly, subjective) judgment will be left up to various members of the community.

Should you meet the minimum requirements of the community, you shall thus be accepted into nonuglyphilo as a member and have full posting access.

a fortiori, a posteriori, a priori, absolutism, absurdism, academia, agnosticism, analytic philosophy, ancient philosophy, anscombe, anselm, aquinas, argument from evil, aristotle, atheism, attributability, bad, benacerraf, berkeley, bioethics, brouwer, carnap, categorical imperative, classical logic, cognitivism, continental philosophy, critique of judgment, critique of pure reason, derrida, descartes, dewey, dualism, dummet, egoism, egotism, empiricism, environmental philosophy, epiphenomenalism, epistemology, extension, externalism, feminism, feminist ethics, formalism, foucault, frege, functionalism, good, hedonism, heidegger, heyting, hilbert, hume, husserl, idealism, intension, intent, intentionality, internalism, intuitionism, intuitionistic logic, irigaray, james, kant, law of excluded middle, liberalism, locke, logic, logical positivism, logicism, maddy, maimonides, malebranche, materialism, medieval philosophy, metaethics, metaphilosophy, metaphysics, mill, modern philosophy, moore, moral philosophy, moral psychology, moral theory, naturalism, nietszche, nominalism, non-cognitivism, peirce, perception, phenomenology, philosophy, philosophy of language, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychology, philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, platonism, post-feminism, post-modernism, post-structuralism, pragmatism, prime mover, putnam, quine, rand, rational decision theory, rationalism, realism, relativism, right, rights, rorty, russell, sartre, scanlon, shapiro, shiva, skepticism, socrates, socratic method, structuralism, subjectivism, symbolic logic, the academy, transfinite cardinals, utilitarianism, value theory, verificationism, vienna circle, virtue ethics, wallace, wittgenstein, wolf, wrong